• Case Study: The Blackbaud 'Raiser's Edge' SMS plugin

    SMS comes to the Not For Profit sector
    Blackbaud is a world leader in software that specialises in the not for profit sector. Their popular Raiser's Edge fundrasing package is used by many organisations in the US, UK, Asia and Australia. Their high profile customers in Australia were asking for SMS so Blackbaud asked us to develop a plugin for thier package.
    Seamless integration
    We took the full SMS broadcast functionality of our platform and embeded into the Raiser's Edge using our web API. Users of the package can send personalised SMS messages to any and all people in their data base of 'constituents'. What's even better is that replies come back into their local system.
    Real-time delivery reports
    Raiser's Edge users can log into mylkBroadcast to track every message that goes out through our gateway.
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