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mylkSubscription is a powerful SMS content delivery system based on the Mylk Suite platform developed by Working Software. You can set up single or multiple services to which people can subscribe simply by sending in an SMS.

You can run multiple subscription services at once on a single number and people can subscribe to as many of your services as they want.

Using the powerful Mylk Suite modules that you may already be familiar with you can:

  • Manage your subscribers
  • Schedule your content to go out when you want, as often as you want
  • See exactly when your content was delivered

mylkSubscription conforms to industry codes of conduct so you don't have to worry. People can unsubscribe and re-subscribe at any time and they will automatically receive all necessary notifications and instructions.

mylkSubscription is backed up by the famous Mylk Message 24 hour customer support service. If your subscribers have any queries we'll be happy to help them out and you can email, SMS or call us any time. Because we develop the software ourselves, we can resolve any problem quickly.


Works with premium numbers and normal long code numbers

Premium numbers are ideal for commercial subscription services. Sends from premium numbers are billed to the receiver (your subscribers) at a premium rate. The billing is handled by the telco who supplies the number, so it's lucrative and hassle free.

You can also choose to run your mylkSubscription service on a normal long code mobile number. This is ideal if you are providing content as a service. For example, if you are sending out content as a service to members.

Run many on one number

You can use one number for as many services as you need. When someone wants to subscribe to a service, they just send in the name of the service (we call these 'buzzwords').


That will subscribe them to the "scorpio" service. They can subscribe to another service at the same time, by sending in another buzzword:


People stay subscribed to each service unless they unsubscribe, like this:

stop scorpio

Of course people don't always get things right first go. We can set the system up so that it can work out what people mean even if they make a mistake with their buzzword. We do this by setting up buzzword variations so the system always subscribes people to the right service:

"football", "footy", "AFL" = "football"

Schedule your content to go out anytime

Your services will be set up to suit your exact requirements. Content can go out at the following intervals.

  • every hour
  • every day
  • every week
  • every month
  • every year

You can pause your scheduled sends any time you need to.

Comprehensive reporting

You can log in and see a detailed report for every message that ever went out to each subscriber - and they'll always be there for you to look back over. The Delivery Reports show you the exact time that a message was received by the subscriber's handset - or tell you if it wasn't so you can follow up.

You don't have to log in every day. The system will send you a message if there's ever a problem delivering to even one of your subscribers.

And finally, we log every message that comes in and goes out. We can tell you when someone subscribed or unsubscribed from any service and how many messages they've received.

Manage your content

We can set up your account to get content from any sort of feed - or you can manage it yourself using a lightweight, custom content management system (CMS). You can set up all your content in advance or you can update it regularly and keep it fresh.

Send customised content!

If you know who your subscribers are, you can send them personalised content, like this:

Peter, Scorpios need self-discipline today - and you've got plenty! You may have to keep quiet as the people around you make fools of themselves.

This is a great way to get value from your existing database. Personalising your services will make you stand out from the crowd and ensure the loyalty of your subscribers.

Setup Options

There are four different setup options which let us tailor the system to your specific needs.

Self-managed content

You maintain your content in a lightweight, custom built CMS. The interface is simple and intuitive so you can manage your service easily.

Basic scheduling

If you know that you want your services to send regularly (say, once a day or once a month) then this is the option for you.

Automated content

Your services can retrieve content from an XML feed or another data source. We can customise your account to accept data from any kind of feed.

Dynamic scheduling

Dynamic scheduling is when your subscription services will schedule messages to go out automatically based on content retrieved from an XML feed. For example, a feed which is updated every time a team scores a goal could be used to trigger sends for your services.